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Dental Veneers

Every smile is beautiful in itself but if you ever feel dissatisfied with the grin you were born with you could always come to us for a little tweaking. Dental veneers are a fantastic treatment option to hide your slightly rotated teeth, or teeth that may have white spots or stains on them. Veneers are a functional and aesthetic addition to your smile from us. They are thin, porcelain or composite shells that are custom made to sit on your tooth and become your new smile. 


To place porcelain veneers, the outer layer of the tooth is prepared, an impression made and the veneer is then fabricated off a replica of the tooth preparation. With the help of a toothcoloured cement, the veneer is attached to the tooth just along your gum line to give it a natural appearance.

For composite veneers, the outer layer of your natural tooth may or may not have to be prepared and would defer from case to case. After which the soft, tooth coloured composite resin is placed on your tooth and hardened with artificial light. Various shades of composite and porcelain are available for you to choose from. It does not matter if you want an extra white smile or a more natural look for your teeth.

Veneers are only outer coverings of stained or discoloured, uneven or disproportionate and gapped teeth. They are, however, unsuited for decayed or missing teeth, which would require other styles of intervention prior to getting veneers placed on them. 

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