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Teeth Grinding and Jaw pain

Bruxism, or what we would call Teeth Grinding is the involuntary clenching or grinding of teeth. It often occurs more when you are asleep, but it can also happen when you are fully awake. The most common cause of teeth grinding is stress although it can also be caused by teeth malalignment.

Grinding your teeth causes strain on your teeth, jaw and face muscles and can cause a variety of side effects such as jaw pain, headaches, cracked, chipped, worn down or even loose teeth. Generally, a partner or parent is the first one to notice this as it can be heard while the affected person is asleep.

At Smiles Plus Dental Rouse Hill, we can provide you with solutions to treat teeth grinding and jaw pain. A specialised, custom made bite splint will assist you to get rid of this discomfort. Our friendly dentists can also teach you some jaw exercises that can help alleviate jaw pain. We recommend that you keep up with your regular dental check ups to identify and obtain the necessary treatment to keep your teeth and jaws healthy and happy.

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