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Preventive Dentistry

Smiles Plus Dental Rouse Hill highly values the need for preventive dentistry. Prevention is better than cure and as health professionals, we love educating our patients on the importance of routine oral care. Early detection of dental diseases may minimise complicated and costly treatment in the future.

Proper and routine oral care best starts at an early age. In fact, we encouraged and welcomed children as young as 1-2 years old to have their first dental visit! A positive experience for the little ones at an early age is essential for future regular maintenance dental visits and good dental health for the whole lifetime.

Smiles Plus Rouse Hill dentists and team will also go far and beyond to analyse and educate the importance of home care hygiene and diet on your oral health as part of our commitment to prevent dental issues.

Sensitive teeth, bad breath, sore jaw are examples of symptoms that should not be ignored. Visiting a professional dentist at Smiles Plus Dental Rouse Hill will help prevent existing problems from escalating.

Prevention is better than cure.
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