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Root Canal Treatment

A tooth is like a tree. What’s hidden is just as important as what’s seen. Each tooth has a root that is full of blood vessels and nerves (known as the pulp) which nourish the tooth and keep them growing strong. Sometimes, the pulp may become inflamed or die off (most commonly due to an infection) and when they do, they do not regenerate. It can manifest in the form of a toothache, abcess and swelling.

To save the tooth, you may require a root canal treatment. All our dentists at Smiles Plus Dental Rouse Hill can perform root canal treatments at your comfort. The root canal treatment would require you to come in for 2-3 appointments.

At first our dentists would remove out any decaying tooth and dead/inflamed nerve tissues and place a medicated dressing inside the tooth. This will give you immediate pain relief. Remember, it is important to come back for your next steps of root canal even though you may not have any pain. Subsequent steps will involve the dentist cleaning and preparing the root canal, then filling it with a sealant called gutta percha which is derived from a tree extract and is all natural and safe. The dentist will then restore the tooth, either with a filling or a crown, to prevent any further possibility of infection and allow the tooth to function. An early root canal may also save the affected tooth from the need for an extraction.