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Teeth Whitening

Our pearly whites sometimes don’t remain pearly whites forever. A combination of hidden chemicals in the foods we eat and our hectic lifestyles means that most teeth are a shade of light yellow once our teenage years are behind us. At Smiles Plus Dental Rouse Hill we are committed to giving you that dazzling smile that you so desire.

Safe and completely non-invasive, professional teeth whitening can lighten the colour of your teeth by several shades, letting the natural colour of your teeth come back out. Using a chemical lightening compound, our dentists at Smiles Plus Dental Rouse Hill can give you a stunning smile. You can expect brighter, whiter teeth once your whitening treatment is complete. Of course, teeth whitening requires regular maintenance to keep them bright and healthy. 

There are two types of teeth whitening for you to consider. In chair/ In office whitening treatment, which is with the use of external light and a higher concentration of bleaching agent in a well-controlled environment by one of our dentists. The other option is purchasing a Home Whitening kit from us which is a lower concentration of bleaching agent you can use at the convenience of your home over several days.

Discuss your Teeth Whitening queries with our lovely dentists for a tailor-made plan!